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Detour San Sebastian Decaf Beans

Detour San Sebastian Decaf Beans

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How do we feel about this coffee

San Seb all day long? What a lovely thought. If we could dream up the perfect decaf, this would be it!! San Sebastian is consistently one of our favourite coffees yearly since 2013. But, never once did we stop and think, could we get it decaffeinated? Well, now we have, and honestly, there’s nothing better. It has got to be one of the best Decafs we’ve ever had. It’s got all the lovely aspects of San Sebastian without any of the caffeine.

Coffee Style

Filter & Espresso Balanced

Coffee Story
As one of our first-ever single-origin offerings, our relationship with this coffee stretches back to its early beginnings. It is consistently a favourite every season for its flavour depth and complexity. San Sebastian is a regional blend grown by various smallholder farmers in the La Plata Municipality of the Huila region of Colombia. Most members are second, third or fourth-generation coffee growers approaching today's coffee growing and production with a fresh and innovative attitude. Using the E.A. method, this specific lot has been naturally decaffeinated at the origin.

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