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Detour Bottle Neck Beans

Detour Bottle Neck Beans

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Why we love this coffee

Dependability on repeat. Super smooth and easy-drinking, this coffee is a reliable everyday sipper with attention to balance, comforting dried fruit aromatics, a creamy texture and smooth flavours of toffee and fig.

Coffee Style

Filter Balanced

Bottleneck is all about celebrating seasonality in coffee to maintain a consistent flavour profile year-round. Balancing different seasonal coffee components is about selecting coffees from different farms or co-ops combined to complement and enhance each other. We always try to land on the blend version that will be interesting and complex but also approachable and familiar enough to be shared with anyone. Fun fact about Bottleneck: The name was inspired by the heroic rescue of a baby raccoon behind our Dundas cafe (reach out if you want the full story).

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